Dollar Tree Organization

My favorite products 🙂

If you feel like just breathing the air at another store costs you money, you might want to look at the Dollar Tree. While many products are unique or worth paying more for, sometimes a bin is just a bin and you could find something less expensive to get the job done.

So if you’re worried that it will be too expensive to organize your home, take a look at these finds from the Dollar Tree– where EVERYTHING actually is $1! There are more great products to be found here, but I want to list only what I’ve tried and favor.

Drawer Organization

Click here to find them

These come in a few sizes and you can mix and match in any drawer to make some custom organization. It’s better to see if you can find these in store to get exactly what you need. Click the pic 🙂
It might seem a little strange, but ice cube trays make good organizers for sewing drawer embellishments, jewelry and any other small trinkets. They’ll cost you more elsewhere, so snag them 2/$1 at Dollar Tree.

Pantry and Closet Organization

Get a set of these in matching colors or complimentary and create a cohesive look. Wrangle all of those little granola bars in a pantry, or travel sized toiletries in a linen closet.
They also come in white, primary colors, and metallics!
These handled baskets are great and they’d cost you a lot more elsewhere. I can’t wait until they come out with new colors! Handy for closets, cabinets, or even your refrigerator!
I can think of endless uses for these and they’ll nest inside each other when not in use. They also come in a taller, more narrow version.
How about labels for your containers of dry goods? They have regular….
….or dry erase!

Office and School Organization

I love these magnetic tins. You can put paperclips in them to hang on your filing cabinet or in a locker. You can put spices in them for your kitchen, or findings in your craft room too!
These pouches with snaps are great! They are better for items you’ll only need to access once a week or so, otherwise you may want to upgrade a little
With so many sticky notes to choose from (there’s more than these!), why would you pay more than $1?!

Everywhere organization– please!

Something I often find everywhere in a home (especially with kids!) is TRASH! Often there’s not a waste basket close by and so garbage winds up in weird places. These come in black and white and for $1 you can put one everywhere you might need one.

A final note: most of these are sold in bulk from the site so unless you need many, try finding them in store first. Different stores carry different items so you can try more than one. If they don’t carry it in store you can always as the manager about ordering. If you need to order online, technically all sales are final but I’ve been told by my local store that they would exchange unused product one-for-one in store for something else.

Happy shopping!

Clutter-Free Christmas Part Two.

A no-junk approach to stocking stuffers.
Pay attention, Santa. You might learn something.

man in santa claus costume

Photo by bruce mars on

I don’t like cheap little things that clutter up my house, break easily, and create junk drawers. I also don’t believe in feeding kids inordinate amounts of sugar. This led me to come up with some quality ideas for stocking stuffers over the years–they have to be either higher quality, useful, or consumable. So now I’m sharing them with you, ready?

  1. Creamy body wash for winter skin
  2. Those washcloths that expand in water
  3. Fun smelling mini hand sanitizers they can take to school (check out Bath & Body works–they have a great variety! More in store and they change with the seasons)
  4. Card games such as Rook
  5. Forget the spinners and try these Mokuru Fidget Sticks or Spinning TotemsFidget sticks
  6. Body Spray (such as AXE)
  7. Jerky
  8. Madlibs or puzzle books
  9. Encourage creativity with colored/patterned duct tape and instructions on how to make a wallet or something else fun
  10. Tub of cotton candy (yes…it’s still sugar, but it takes up more room so you don’t need to get much!)
  11. Fun socks or wool socks
  12. Deodorant
  13. Color changing light bulb with remote
  14. Chapstick!
  15. Nuts or sunflower seeds (often small packs can be found at the dollar store)
  16. Bean Boozled — a gross jelly bean game by Jelly Belly. Your kids won’t be eating many of these, but they’ll be having a great time!
  17. Ornament making kits
  18. A dice game such as Farkle or a set of dice with printed instructions for several games
  19. Fun flavored gum
  20. Cool pens or other school supplies
  21. Hand or foot warmers like these (can sometimes be obtained at store for cheaper. Store them by your gloves!)
  22. Small pocket or key chain tools
  23. Flash lights or book lights
  24. Popcorn
  25. Nail polish
  26. Lotion
  27. Super Handy Slip ‘n’ Snip mini foldable scissors (I love mine!)
  28. Makeup
  29. Organizing items such as gear ties
  30. Cat’s cradle string with instructions


How can four little letters lined up in a tidy row make neatness so difficult? Yet tidiness is one thing that brings clarity and peace to every mind.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash


And even if we pitch the letters, what about the fact that we all start cleaning one space and wind up lost in another and then another, forgetting the original intent? Staying on task when organizing can prove difficult, so here are some tips to get it done!

  1. Set a timer- work on one task for about 15 min and don’t leave it until you hear the alarm! Then set a new goal, working in small increments. Almost anyone can keep focus for that amount of time, and the timer will keep you accountable. If you have a family, also consider regular 15 minute clean ups.
  2. Break it down! Similar to making small sections of time, break down your home into small spaces. Edit one cabinet, one storage bin, only one toy box at a time. Then move on to another type of task until the next day or so. Small victories and achievable goals will encourage you to go on!
  3. In keeping with the above, always keep boxes nearby clearly marked for “donate”, “trash”, or “somewhere else”. This will keep you from walking away from the project every few seconds– those items can be dealt with afterwords.
  4. Do it now! If after you’ve  tidied, you have things to donate, return, ship to a family member, etc, do it ASAP! Better yet- organize a donation in advance! This will keep leftover items from hanging around while forgotten or put back into circulation.
  5. Treat your ADHD: Some studies point to a link between shopping/impulse buying and ADHD. Many of my clients find that they simply lose desire to fill time this way once treated. Also, think of organizing as a form of treatment.
  6. Recruit a tidy friend or a professional organizer- why? Because they will help to keep you on task and everything seems more doable when you have help!

I notice a vast difference in those with attention issues once things are tidied up. Not only does the novelty make them feel happier, but putting things where they are easily located greatly reduces stress, and brings focus. Look thru the lenses of an organizer– life could be a completely different experience 🙂



Overwhelmed & Anxious? Do these 3 things


There have been many years that my teacher at the school of hard knocks has given me an “F” and sentenced me to repeat a level. I’m no stranger to painful situations or sometimes just a multitude of duties which threaten to take me under.

Fortunately, I’ve learned something that helps me push thru the most difficult of hard times. 3 Things.

Maybe you’re waiting for me to tell you what those three things are, but first let me set the stage. See, part of the issue when we go thru troubles or simply deal with anxiety is that we are getting ahead of ourselves and our situations. Simply put, we are looking at everything at once. But at the present, there is no way for any one person to deal with it all.

And that’s why you’re going to take it one day at a time and do just 3 things. Any 3 things. If you’ve been following me, you know I’ve talked before about this as being a tactic of extremely organized people. However, this is an extremely effective strategy for anyone who needs to tackle the chaos of life.

So, it goes like this:

Right now, think of a few things that need to be done. Anything will do, but if you have one in which time is of the essence you may want to make sure to include that.

Pick which of those things is either the most pressing, or if you’re completely at break point, pick the one that seems most doable. Do that. Don’t worry about anything else. Just do that. When it’s finished and you get to check that off of your list (feeling better already!), knock out the other one or two things on your list.

Finally, feel accomplished. Meeting short term goals like this will help you not only move forward but make you feel good about everything else. Now, you’re gaining ground.

When you’ve done this, relax and make a new list for the next day. You can write it down, put it on your calendar, or if you’re like me you’ll email it to yourself. As more and more tasks begin to get knocked out, you’ll be bringing more peace to the areas of your life that are within your control.

So what are you waiting for? You can do this.


Day Twelve: Squeaky Clean Bathroom!

bathroom-1206932-640x480Since you use your bathroom to get clean, doesn’t it make sense to get your bathroom clean? Bathrooms often get cluttered with half used products, so head in there to clear it out!

Get under your sink, into the drawers, or into the bathroom closet if you have one and asses your items. Anything that’s not being used, anything that’s half empty (or is it half full) and has been shoved in there needs to go. Sometimes, this is a hard one because some products may have been costly and you might feel guilty throwing them away. But if they’re not being used, now both your money AND your space is being wasted. Not to mention the fact that it makes things difficult to find. If you’d like, see if a friend’s daughter or someone would like to try your expensive platinum shampoo. One exception would be makeup. If you haven’t used it in awhile, chances are it’s growing bacteria and it’s not healthy for anyone to use. Toss it and don’t look back!

Now here are some ideas for organizing what you have left:

makeup-1195895-639x719For makeup, consider getting a cute toolbox to put it in that can be tucked into a closet or cabinet when not in use. Or, if you have enough drawer space for this purpose, get a handy organizer.

If your sink is near to the bathroom door, consider getting a pocket shoe organizer for the HBA items you use regularly (brushes, gel, nail polish remover). I’ve done this in my master bath, and not only does it utilize vertical space and free up cabinets, but everything is right on hand when I need it, and I’m more likely to return things to their home so the counter doesn’t stay cluttered.

For products under your sink, get a wire shelf so you’ll have room for two layers of products, or get a pull out organizer to make things easy to access. Check out this video to see one great way of setting up your bathroom cupboard or this video to see how to accomplish the same thing on a budget.

Even if you don’t purchase any additional products, your bathroom will be a lot easier to use now that you’ve cleared out the clutter.

Day Twelve: DONE!

The 15 Minute Clean-Up

What would your house look like if you cleaned it for an extra few hours a week? It may be hard to even imagine this. It probably seems like you don’t have an extra two or three hours on your hands. What about 15 minutes? What if I told you that 15 minutes changed my world? And in the amount of time it will take you to look over this blog, yours can change too. Read on!


Once upon a  time, my house was regularly a disaster. Certain people in my house were…less than tidy. Ok here’s the truth: sometimes it seems like people go thru the house tossing items over their shoulders like Hansel & Gretel as they go. It’s like they’re afraid they won’t find their way back to their room or something and so they need a trail.

Enter the 15 minute clean-up. One day I just set a timer and asked everyone to pitch in and just keep going until the timer went off. When I first started out, I made a short list of things that could be done. After awhile, it was easy for everyone to find something to do. 15 minutes may not seem like a lot, but if you multiply it by 4, 5, or 6 members of the family,  all of the sudden, you have an hour’s worth of work done. If you do this just two or three times a week, quite a bit of work will get done. If you somehow manage to find time every day, your place will be spotless!

Here’s a list of possibilities:

  • Sort thru that stack of papers that has piled up
  • Dust the living room furniture
  • Put dishes in the dishwasher (or take them out)
  • Clear a room of toys
  • Go thru a small collection of things to see what could be disposed of
  • Vacuum the main areas of the house
  • Vacuum or wash the kitchen floor
  • Put away clean laundry (or put a new load in)
  • Small children can pair socks
  • Wipe kitchen counters or table
  • Wipe inside of fridge
  • Strip beds and put sheets in washer
  • Clean microwave
  • Wipe down bathroom counter and clean mirror
  • Clean a half bath
  • General picking up–this is what usually needs done the most. Just make sure things get put back in their right places!

These are just a few ideas. If you have more–please list them in the comments below.