The Tie Between Clutter and Cash

“I just don’t feel like buying as much,” my client told me today. After editing her entire belongings last winter, she had contacted me again recently. Not because her home had become cluttered again, but because they were redoing the floors in the entire house and they needed help moving things around.

I was told that as we put things back, she’d like to get rid of even more now. I was told that it was such a relief to have a tidy house that she was more careful about purchasing things because she didn’t want to clutter it again. It had been stifling before. I was told that her daughter with ADHD had continued to keep her room clean after I left, not because she liked cleaning per se, but because she notices a significant improvement in her mental health. People experience such an improvement in their overall wellness once things have been decluttered and organized that often they push to keep it so.

You may have heard about the new show on Netflix, Tidying Up, with Organizing Guru, Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and Spark Joy. Apparently, Goodwill is seeing a surge in donations and so I imagine that people all over are catching on. I read an article today entitled, Is Clutter Also Making You Bad With Money? where the author, Charlotte Cowles, experienced just the phenomenon I mentioned above after following the show’s advice, tidying up, and paring down. And while I’m not specifically recommending this show or Marie’s methods, it is certainly interesting to see the effects and how they parallel the comments I get from my clients. Going thru the purging process definitely makes you think twice before bringing something else in your home that you might be dealing with later.

If you’d like, read here and enjoy 🙂

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