Tiny Traditions & Big Love

We call him “The Tiny Santa”. I’ve always loved miniatures. And I suppose that’s fortunate since I don’t have much room and keep very little. Very little, in this case– we’re only talking millimeters, in fact.


Can you see him?

I can’t remember where I first found The Tiny Santa, but I do know I used him as a gift in an Advent calendar box some years ago. Most of the other trinkets are long gone but Santa has been with us for years now. When we put up the tree, the first to come across him among the decorations will hang him on a not-too-obvious branch. His small stature makes him awfully difficult to find, and sometimes it takes days. Once discovered, he is then rehidden by the finder, and the game continues through the season.

When the time comes to take the tree down, he is tucked away in a Ziploc bag labeled Tiny Santa so that he won’t be forever lost. There he waits to play hide and seek again the next year.

Although the usual Santa is seen bringing huge bundles of toys, this one knows his gift is in his smallness. He knows that Christmas joy doesn’t necessarily come from excess. And he knows that tiny traditions, looked forward to year after year, add up to a big love.

Merry Christmas 🙂

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