Clutter-Free Christmas Part Two.

A no-junk approach to stocking stuffers.
Pay attention, Santa. You might learn something.

man in santa claus costume

Photo by bruce mars on

I don’t like cheap little things that clutter up my house, break easily, and create junk drawers. I also don’t believe in feeding kids inordinate amounts of sugar. This led me to come up with some quality ideas for stocking stuffers over the years–they have to be either higher quality, useful, or consumable. So now I’m sharing them with you, ready?

  1. Creamy body wash for winter skin
  2. Those washcloths that expand in water
  3. Fun smelling mini hand sanitizers they can take to school (check out Bath & Body works–they have a great variety! More in store and they change with the seasons)
  4. Card games such as Rook
  5. Forget the spinners and try these Mokuru Fidget Sticks or Spinning TotemsFidget sticks
  6. Body Spray (such as AXE)
  7. Jerky
  8. Madlibs or puzzle books
  9. Encourage creativity with colored/patterned duct tape and instructions on how to make a wallet or something else fun
  10. Tub of cotton candy (yes…it’s still sugar, but it takes up more room so you don’t need to get much!)
  11. Fun socks or wool socks
  12. Deodorant
  13. Color changing light bulb with remote
  14. Chapstick!
  15. Nuts or sunflower seeds (often small packs can be found at the dollar store)
  16. Bean Boozled — a gross jelly bean game by Jelly Belly. Your kids won’t be eating many of these, but they’ll be having a great time!
  17. Ornament making kits
  18. A dice game such as Farkle or a set of dice with printed instructions for several games
  19. Fun flavored gum
  20. Cool pens or other school supplies
  21. Hand or foot warmers like these (can sometimes be obtained at store for cheaper. Store them by your gloves!)
  22. Small pocket or key chain tools
  23. Flash lights or book lights
  24. Popcorn
  25. Nail polish
  26. Lotion
  27. Super Handy Slip ‘n’ Snip mini foldable scissors (I love mine!)
  28. Makeup
  29. Organizing items such as gear ties
  30. Cat’s cradle string with instructions

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