Clearing Your Inbox

Do you still get emails from dating sites when you’ve been married for 10 years? (and you swear you’ve unsubscribed!) Did you enter an obscure contest and now you’re getting daily ads for melon ballers?

I’ll tell you 🙂



Try any of these methods (the best is last!):

1. Instead of throwing those emails in the garbage, remember to actually mark them as spam. Good email clients such as Gmail are good at learning what you don’t want. (And speaking of Gmail, consider switching if you’re with someone else. In my experience, you’ll get less spam that you haven’t signed up for with them as compared with some others)

2. Many email clients offer a large unsubscribe button or link at the top of the email now, instead of scrolling to the bottom to search for it. Still, this takes some time if you need to unsubscribe from several lists. So up next is my favorite!

3. Try Unsubscriber or
You can click your way to an uncluttered inbox as these services will do the work to go thru the steps to unsubscribe you. These add up to a real time savings!