What are you waiting for? The power of NOW.

Procrastination used to be my middle name. Sometimes it still is.


But, I found it got in the way of…life. When your friend calls–do you have time for a last minute concert or spontaneous coffee date? Have you noticed the weather is amazing but you’re stuck indoors cleaning up or working on a project for work?

The key to changing this is and having the life you want is in the word NOW. When you’ve been given something to do, take care of it immediately. Or maybe you need to take up some tasks in your down time instead of watching TV etc. Because at some point, you’ll have the opportunity to LIVE and whether or not you can seize it will depend on whether you’ve accomplished your other necessary tasks.

So, here’s how this looks for me: Right now I’m also taking some classes at the college. I have a syllabus and I know when things are due. Why should I wait until they’re actually due? Sometimes I have a window between classes or on a Sunday afternoon when friends are busy etc. If I stay ahead of the game, when someone asks me if I want to drop everything and head out to the mountains (this just happened) I can say “yes” without reservation or worry. This lowers my stress levels and enables me to enjoy my life.

So, ditch your procrastinating ways and get out there!