When Time is Up

Cancer. The diagnosis came to me over the phone and almost knocked me to the floor. While we watch dramas that glorify these types of moments and the actors live life out in some beautiful, bittersweet, touching way–this was no Hallmark film. And my very first thought as I looked at my son was, “Why did I waste so much time?”


And because I’m writing this, you’ve probably guessed that I’m still here. And yet, that experience changed the way I looked at many things, like risk, money, and most of all: time.

And it’s very simple. I don’t do anything I don’t either really want to do, or have to do. I don’t say yes because I feel pressured to (think: my friend is having a party selling toaster covers), and I plan my life around my goals. What’s important to me. I run my day, and it doesn’t run me.

To get a better idea of how this is done, I’m including this video featuring Laura Vanderkam. She explains it beautifully.