Editing your Inbox



Every morning they plague me. Stare at me. Filling up the space. Cyberspace. I could just ignore them. I could delete them. That’s what I usually do. But they’ll be back. And…they multiply.

I’m talking about emails of course. Most of which I’ve subscribed to at some point. I’m sure I thought I’d read them, but the fact is I don’t have time. So I delete most of them still unopened. But that takes up my time as well. Does this sound familiar to you?

Then how about taking my inbox challenge? Every morning I’ve been hitting unsubscribe on two unwanted emails. Just two! Every company is required to offer some kind of opportunity to unsubscribe at the bottom of every email, so just scroll down, and a couple of clicks later your inbox will already feel a bit lighter! Repeat daily until all that’s left if what you truly have time for. More time, more freedom. Enjoy 🙂

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