Day Eight: The Dresser

I’m sure you won’t mind if we take a little peek into your bedroom, right? After all, this is a space where you really want to feel at peace. Also, we need this room to be functional so you can put together your wardrobe with ease and leave the house looking like a million bucks!


Let’s start with the dresser. As you pull everything out, why don’t you use this handy chart I found to evaluate each piece of clothing? When you’re finished, put items to pass on or donate in a bag, and place your keepers back into the drawers neatly. If they’re not already, make sure your clothes make it in with like items. For instance, a drawer for pj’s, one for socks, and so on.If you’ve done your job well, those drawers should be closing much more easily now.

Day Eight: DONE!

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