Day Seven: Pens, Pencils, and Markers

Like mugs and junk drawer contents, pens and pencils are something else most of us have an abundance of. (In fact, many in your stash may have actually been uncovered during the previous junk drawer posting!) Where do they come from? There are theories that lost socks from the dryer actually reincarnate and come back in the form of writing implements. Hey- I didn’t say it was fact. Just a theory. Wherever they originated, you’ll NEVER use them all up. Therefore, it’s time for a purge:


Step one: Slightly tedious but it shouldn’t take too long–gather up all writing tools of any kind and sit down with a few pieces of paper. (Better yet, have your kids do this) Then test each pen and marker. Anything that’s dried out automatically gets pitched. Pencils with bad erasers or that have been used down to little stubs get to join them in the trash.

Step two: Play favorites. You know you have some you like more than others. Keep those and maybe a few extras. Find a good way to store them in an accessible place. Markers might go in a craft drawer, pens and pencils could be stored in pencil cups hung near the desk. Endless possibilities!

Step three: Find a new home for the rest. Donate them to a thrift store, library story program, homeschool co-op, your child’s classroom–wherever! They must go!

Day Seven: DONE!


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