This could get ugly…

vintage scrap paper

I know, I’m asking you to tackle your junk drawer on a Monday. But doing this one thing could seriously improve your life. Most people have a place where we stash things that we otherwise don’t have a home for. Things that we don’t know what to do with, but don’t want to throw away. Extra pieces leftover from our Ikea furniture, but we can’t remember which item it actually belongs to. Freebies we’ve picked up at work events. Rewards cards to places we don’t go to regularly. Things we cannot actually identify…what is that anyway?

Go thru this drawer today with a garbage can and a box for things that can go elsewhere alongside you. Throw away any unneeded papers, most of the aforementioned items, and anything else you can part with. I’m asking you to be brutal here. You know you don’t need or use most of this stuff. Other things that belong somewhere else can go into the box to be distributed later.

Now, how can you sort what’s left? Consider getting a card holder or spare wallet for any cards in there. If they’re keytag versions, get a spare ring to put them on. Better yet, if they’re associated with a phone number or email addy, you can get rid of them altogether! Another way to help sort things in a junk drawer is actually to get a cheap silverware organizer from the dollar store. It works for a lot of the little items you have–sometimes you can even stack these two deep if your drawer will accommodate it.

Isn’t your life getting easier by the day?

Day Six: DONE!

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