Day Five: Your Scary Fridge!

Ok, going thru the fridge is something you already know how to do, but maybe you haven’t done it in awhile…a loooooong while. Pull everything out, and anything that’s hairy or threatens to eat you has to go.

mouldy cheese

Go ahead and give everything a good wipe down, and then take a quick inventory of what you’ve got left and the kinds of things that usually rotate in and out of your fridge. Watch this video from Do It on a Dime to see how simple Dollar Tree containers can make your fridge much more organized and help you access things more easily. One thing I’ll add to this is that while I don’t necessarily need a whole bin for cheese sticks at this point in my life, I do use the bins for holding my plastic containers with leftovers (I use a dry erase marker on each container to note the contents). This way, they don’t get lost in the back of the fridge and grow fur. When looking for leftovers, I simply pull out the whole bin and I can look thru everything in there. Depending on how many you usually have, you may need more than one bin for this purpose.

Day Five: DONE!

2 thoughts on “Day Five: Your Scary Fridge!

    • simplysarahco says:

      Ha ha! Tomorrow’s is only slightly easier, but you may not have one of these in your home at all. I imagine these challenges are pretty easy for you as I know you’re already an organized individual 🙂


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