Day Four: Pots, Pans & Utensils

There’s that one huge pot you use once a year on Thanksgiving. Should you keep it? Probably. But it shouldn’t be in the way of your everyday cookware. Today, let’s tackle the remainder of your kitchen!


I recently helped a family of eight members move out of their home. The mother is very much a homemaker who is devoted to clean eating. As you can imagine they had a TON of cookware–NOT! Really she had a handful of really great pots and pans (some iron) and that was it. If she can feed that huge family that way, surely most of us can pare down our cabinets.

First, pull your pots and pans out of the cabinet and set aside the ones you use on a regular basis. Those are keepers! Now everything else is called into question one by one. As mentioned above, sometimes you have a couple of items that you use only around the holidays. Ask yourself if you have another piece that can do the same job. If not, find a place to put those that they won’t interfere with your everyday life. Maybe a basement shelf, a deep dark corner of the pantry you just cleaned out (if your following this challenge!), or a high cupboard you never use. Ask yourself if you are keeping any of the other things just because you feel obligated, or if they’re just getting in the way. Whatever falls in these categories needs to be sent to a good home where someone will use them.

Now, do the same with your kitchen utensils. Usually we have a lot of random inventions that we don’t use. Someone once gave me a nifty melon baller, but I’m not a big fan of melon and when I serve it, I just cut it up. It was used only once. It was an expensive thing from maybe Pampered Chef or Tupperware. However, it went to a melon-loving friend who actually used it. Now, somethings you might have multiples of. Large spoons and spatulas are something I have several of, but with the way I cook, I do wind up using most or all that are in my stash many times. If you use it regularly keep it, if you don’t, it goes.

Finally, consider the best way to organize these now that you’ve made some great space for yourself. It’s good to get a pan organizer so your pans aren’t nesting and scratching each other (this also makes them easier to access). Utensils can be hung on a wall, or a drawer organizer or dividers purchased. Consider hanging up measuring cups and spoons (as seen below) on the inside of a cabinet with command hooks. Get cabinet organizers for your dishes and bowls to help sort out those cabinets. You don’t even have to buy these new–many can be found at the thrift shop as I highlighted here. Search Pinterest and have a ball!

Day Four: DONE!




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