Day Two: The Pantry

Let’s peek into your pantry. It’s a space that can get out of hand quickly, and it’s also one of the spaces we use the most. Considering that, it can be a huge headache if it’s disorganized, and if it’s tidy…ahhhhhhhhhh…can’t you just feel life getting more simple?

Read on, my friend!


The first step is to take everything out and get rid of anything that’s expired. You’ll be surprised–no shocked–at what you’re going to find, so brace yourself! If there are things that are soon to expire, put them somewhere in a basket on the counter or someplace visible towards the front of the pantry later so you can plan your meals around them.

Next take like things and group them together. Pastas and grains, canned goods, baking items, cereals, condiments, and so on. If you have a lot of little snack items like granola bars, consider getting a basket or some other kind of container to dump them all in. Other small items can be handled this way as well. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Could be a shoebox for now, and maybe you can upgrade to a plastic bin or a basket later.

Next, think about what things you use the most and who uses them. Those things will need to go in a place that’s easily accessible to the person who uses it. For instance, if you bake a lot, put those items within your reach. If your kids are always the ones digging for snacks, put the snack baskets lower where they can reach them.

Everything else can be put back (together with their like items) in whatever spaces are left over, again considering how often they’re used. Things you use once every few months get tucked up in the corner, and everyday things within reach.

Lastly, you’ll either want to explain to your family how it’s been organized, or better yet- label the different areas. This will make sure everyone is on the same page in the long run. Even so, you’ll want to go thru your pantry regularly to purge or be sure to use items before they taste funky!

Day Two: DONE!

One thought on “Day Two: The Pantry

  1. Uneeknitter4God says:

    Fabulous advice! I love decluttering the cabinets this way. Our pantry gets too hot so I store my pots and pans in there and my cabinets are full of food. I also like to put my temptation foods up high so that if I really want them, I have to pull out the step stool to get them. Really cuts back on my indulging. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s advice, although my plan tomorrow is to go back and get rid of some piles of paper from Day 1. 😉


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