Day One…that stack of papers


Let’s not kid ourselves. We all have one. You know…that stack of papers that won’t disappear? Today’s challenge is to take control of that stack! I know you don’t want to deal with it. But the sooner you do the better off you’ll be.

First of all, let’s discuss the origins of said stack. Usually it starts with a trip to the mailbox. That’s where you can catch it before you add anything else to your paper problem. Take the mail directly from the box, stand over a trash can every day, and get rid of anything not necessary right away. This will eliminate a lot of work later.

Now let’s talk about what you already have. Just as above, go thru your stack and get rid of any junk mail. Now, there’s things like bills you can’t get rid of, right? First, if you’ve following my blog for awhile, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of paper, and bills are the worst. Go paperless if you can. However, if you’re someone who needs the paper bills as a reminder, you’ll still need a good way to keep track of these kinds of things. Also, maybe monthly newsletters you might get, kids papers from school, promos, etc. Watch this video to see how one of my favorite organizers sorts her incoming mail. You’ll likely only need to watch halfway because at that point she starts talking about sorting business docs. (of course, if you need that too, keep watching!)

There are several different way to approach this, so you’ll have to figure out what kinds of categories you might need. Also, if a tabletop organizer won’t work for you, there are many out there that hang on the wall. Until you can snag one, at least separate your things into stacks or folders.

Day one: DONE!

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