My Heart to Yours: What Makes This Job so Satisfying

thank-you-1238361-639x504It’s always a pleasure to get good feedback. After all,  who doesn’t like a compliment? But the excitement for this job runs deeper than that. An organizer isn’t just aiming to pitch your belongings and call it a day. This work is life-changing. It de-stresses. It frees people to spend time doing more important things, like enjoying their families.  It makes homes tick in a sweet clock like cadence.

Recently, I completed a particularly satisfying job which likely brought as much joy to me as it did to the homeowner. When we were finished, all we could do was sit back with our hands behind out heads and sigh happily over the simplicity around us. The resident children went from room to room, oooing and aaahhhing and exclaiming how much cleaner everything was.

Then, the other day the following feedback showed up in my inbox from the said homeowner and I was overwhelmed. It reminded me that this is so much more than a job: Organizers forge friendships,we bring freedom. Sometimes we hold hands, sometimes we help you move towards your future, and always we aim to improve your quality of life. I’m thankful to this artist, author, and mother who allowed me into her home and invited me to be a part of her family for a little while. Read and enjoy 🙂

“I’m still in shock.

Sarah came to help me with my upstairs and it was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t handle it myself. I’d see the disaster up there and just turn and walk away because my mind couldn’t wrap around the mess – I couldn’t seem to make myself try. I felt like I was drowning in toys, trash, artwork, broken crayons, and other junk. Even if I could have gotten started digging into the mess, there was nowhere for it to go. It had spread from the main area upstairs into the three kids’ bedrooms and even through the large loft.
Sarah came in for the initial meeting and had such a calming presence. She looked around, formulated a plan, and for the first time I felt like I might be able to gain control in my house again. She gave me some simple homework – an easy task to work on until the actual cleaning day.
Once the day we’d set arrived, the real magic began. Time flew as we dug through the deep mess and somehow, every time I blinked, there would be more and more order. We filled three large cans with trash and then some, and filled two cars with donations. Still, I didn’t feel like I was losing anything. Somehow she managed to take everything I cared about and give everything a home. I didn’t lose anything – only gained. She did the real organizing work – I just helped.
The work spread into the three kids’ bedrooms and the large loft area – all disasters before, all neat and organized now. We now have the three bedrooms, a playroom, and an art room. Sarah developed a maintenance plan after everything was organized and neat and emailed it to me the next day. It keeps me on track so I don’t slip back into messy habits. Everything is easy to maintain, even for my four small kids. I can ask them to clean up and it actually happens – everything goes back where it belongs and nothing is lost.
It’s been truly amazing and my home life is already better for it. The kids’ creativity with play has just exploded now that they can access things and keep them neat on their own, and I actually feel light and happy when I go upstairs, rather than being smothered by a mess I couldn’t mentally handle before. I also feel more prepared to deal with everything else in my home now that she cleared and organized the worst of it – I feel like I know how to tackle things on my own now. Sarah’s work here changed so much for the better, even me. I am truly grateful to her and all she’s done – I couldn’t have done this without her.”


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