To Shred or Not to Shred



For me that’s usually not even the question. I have an extreme dislike for paperwork. Filling it out is tedious and sometimes overwhelming. Keeping any unnecessary papers is not even an option for me. Not. A. Chance.

But I realize I might be in the minority. Having approached adulthood at a time when everything was going digital, I am accustomed to keeping and accessing most bills etc. through cyberspace, wherever that is. I always go with the paperless option whenever I can and pitch as much mail as is possible before it ever even makes in into circulation at my place. But not everyone operates this way.

Recently, I helped organize a client’s way thru a room full of paperwork, and there were a lot of questions as to what absolutely needed to be kept, and what could be tossed or shredded. A little bit of research led to this article from Consumer Reports which I thought could be of help as you sort thru your own papers. Very handy.

Also, you should know that if you don’t have your own shredder, you can always take your papers to your local office supply store to have it done. It costs about $25 for a medium box of paper. And as a last ditch effort, you could always go old school and burn them!

Hopefully, this will help you part the sea of unwanted papers in your life instead of drowning in them. And once you get your file cabinet tamed, it’s best to deal with papers as they come with periodic maintenance– you’ll be thankful if you do!


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