Loft Storage/ Play Area Before and Afters

This was by far one of my most satisfying jobs. Two organizers+ one home owner= success!  We started out feeling like we were in cramped quarters, but by the time we were done we were all stretched out and relaxed as a few finishing touches went up. It’s amazing how much a change like this has an effect on one’s mood and mental state. The homeowner was speechless and smiling by the time we were thru, and her kids were exclaiming how amazing everything was and excited to play with things now that all the pieces were together. The fear in a situation like this is usually about getting rid of the kids’ things to make room. However, as you can see from the pictures there was really no way for the kids to truly access anything. Cleaning everything up made it possible for them to really play in this space.

So here we go. This was the play area which was a commons space between several upstairs bedrooms:


And after:


This is the loft area which is utilized as storage and also a arts and crafts area for the artist homeowner and her crafty daughter. These are technically befores, but I had already put out two bags of items from the floor before I remembered that I hadn’t taken any yet. (access to this room at consultation was restricted due to the situation in the play area)


And this is an almost after. A little more work needs to be done in this room at this point but it already felt so ahhhhhhmazing– had to get a pic!



Everyone loved it so much that since we were done ahead of schedule, the decision was made to bring order to the kids’ rooms and the downstairs living space as well! Very thankful to the homeowner and her family who were so lovely to work with. We felt right at home! And now, so do they 🙂

Organizing- an orderly disorder?


I have issues. Organizing is one. Or is it? The letters OCD are thrown around and dropped in conversations so regularly these days that it makes one wonder if any habit is a hangup. However, if my love for organization is a problem, it’s my favorite one.

When things in life are difficult and chaotic, I do have the tendency to start going thru my things and tossing stuff. And the worse life seems, the more I do this. Freud would be all over it, but I think I’d rather this than any destructive coping skill.

Interestingly, those that I work with who are chronically disorganized see my organizing as being functional and their habits as dysfunctional. They worry and ask me if there’s is the worst I’ve ever seen. When trying to schedule and mention that I can’t book on such and such a day because of have another job I’m working on, I get timid comments like, “I bet theirs is no where near as bad as mine.” I look at them with empathy.

See, although I know my organizing is tied to my mental state, it’s tempered and and at this point it’s not anything I’d like to get rid of or feel like I need help for. However, as I mention to many a client, we all have hangups. Mine are different, but I seek out help for them just the same. Let me help you with yours. We are all in this thing called life together.