Is This the Worst You’ve Ever Seen?


This is by far the most frequently asked question posed to an organizer. And so, to put your mind at ease before I head over to your house, the answer is a resounding “no”.

Think about it for a minute: people who are already organized don’t need organizers. Therefore, to begin with, you can know for certain that 100% of homes we see have some degree of clutter. It’s what we’re here for. Otherwise we wouldn’t have a job. And we’ve seen some pretty amazing things. Organizing guru, Marie Kondo, writes in her book of one client who had collected 60 toothbrushes, and another who had a stash of 20,000 swabs.

You see your mess, we see an awesome challenge. I went to a consult the other day and found myself waist deep (quite literally) in toys in a play area. The owner was originally reluctant to contact me, but standing there, I was like a kid in a candy store. My mind was coming up with plans and spinning with creativity. Excitement was building at the thought of how much peace this project will bring to the homeowners and their kids. This is what organizers love to do. Tame chaos. Don’t be afraid to call–let the fun begin!

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