The 15 Minute Clean-Up

What would your house look like if you cleaned it for an extra few hours a week? It may be hard to even imagine this. It probably seems like you don’t have an extra two or three hours on your hands. What about 15 minutes? What if I told you that 15 minutes changed my world? And in the amount of time it will take you to look over this blog, yours can change too. Read on!


Once upon a  time, my house was regularly a disaster. Certain people in my house were…less than tidy. Ok here’s the truth: sometimes it seems like people go thru the house tossing items over their shoulders like Hansel & Gretel as they go. It’s like they’re afraid they won’t find their way back to their room or something and so they need a trail.

Enter the 15 minute clean-up. One day I just set a timer and asked everyone to pitch in and just keep going until the timer went off. When I first started out, I made a short list of things that could be done. After awhile, it was easy for everyone to find something to do. 15 minutes may not seem like a lot, but if you multiply it by 4, 5, or 6 members of the family,  all of the sudden, you have an hour’s worth of work done. If you do this just two or three times a week, quite a bit of work will get done. If you somehow manage to find time every day, your place will be spotless!

Here’s a list of possibilities:

  • Sort thru that stack of papers that has piled up
  • Dust the living room furniture
  • Put dishes in the dishwasher (or take them out)
  • Clear a room of toys
  • Go thru a small collection of things to see what could be disposed of
  • Vacuum the main areas of the house
  • Vacuum or wash the kitchen floor
  • Put away clean laundry (or put a new load in)
  • Small children can pair socks
  • Wipe kitchen counters or table
  • Wipe inside of fridge
  • Strip beds and put sheets in washer
  • Clean microwave
  • Wipe down bathroom counter and clean mirror
  • Clean a half bath
  • General picking up–this is what usually needs done the most. Just make sure things get put back in their right places!

These are just a few ideas. If you have more–please list them in the comments below.

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