Using Unconventional Systems (a before and after story)

Contrary to popular belief, organizing doesn’t have to be expensive. Let’s use a recent closet project for a budget-friendly example. Here before you is a teenager’s closet fresh from a recent move.


Unfortunately, the balance of the closet was almost equally as full. There were books covering the bottom of the floor, and boxes still packed up on the top shelf. The biggest issue on this side was that there was no room for the shoes which were among the pile, and hard to find. Sometimes, when you first move, it’s hard to figure out how to fit things into your new space.

After finding a place on a nearby bookshelf for the aforementioned books,  and arranging things more efficiently, there was more room overall in the closet.  We were able to give the shoes their own little home, and repurposed some unused milk crates and the previously packed boxes turned on their sides for a makeshift shoe organizer. If desired, a “legit” organizer can be purchased later, or these boxes could even be wrapped in some cool paper or duct tape for the young occupant’s use.


Using milk crates or boxes is a good way to create an extra shelf on an existing closet shelf as well so that double the shoes, purses, or whatever, can fit up there. So, forget that cliche saying. Think “inside the box”instead.

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