An Organizer’s Secret Weapon

Wanna know a secret? My favorite tool for organizing isn’t necessarily made for organizing at all. Handier than a pocket on a shirt, the one thing I can’t do without is a dry erase marker…..or 20. I actually have them pretty much everywhere, and in every color.

One marker sits on the counter ledge in my bathroom, because–did you know?– you can actually write on mirrors in dry-erase. I regularly scribble my new favorite quote, people and things I need to remember, and most importantly a few priority goals I want to accomplish the next day. This is a great way to organize your time and make sure your priorities are at the forefront of your mind in the morning.

Another marker is attached with Velcro alongside the door frame in my laundry room next to the washer. Sometimes I put something into the wash that could turn inmarkerto a size 3T in the dryer, but I’m very bad about remembering to pull it out between the two. I’ll use my marker to note the item on the washer lid to make sure I don’t forget it. (While I’ve never had a problem, you might test it somewhere hidden first.)

An additional Expo is velcroed out of sight on the side of my microwave by the fridge. I can easily write on (and wipe off) my storage containers so I know what leftovers are hanging out in the cold. (It’s a good idea to keep a sharpie there too, so you can write names and dates on bags that go into the freezer–just don’t get them mixed up!)

I also use these handy implements to keep track of which shoes are in which storage boxes in my closet. In fact, these can be used to write on almost any kind of smooth surface. (Again, you might want to test them first. I have found that there are a few plastics that just don’t want to let go)

And now that you’ve been enlightened about the necessity of dry-erase markers, go forth and organize your life like a pro! If you find more uses for these handy little things–leave me a note in the comments!

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